About me
I first came across the world of DJing 15 years ago. I quickly realised that I want to be the one on the DJ booth, making everybody dance and bringing on the vibes. Something inside told me I’d enjoy it and be great at it.

After being a DJ in thousands os weddings, events and parties - the joy I felt made me realise the passion I have for music and people. It was then that I decided undoubtedly that this is what I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.

And so I went to further my skills and knowledge at the music colleges “Muzik” and “Rimon”. At the same time I founded my own studio in Kibbutz Nachshonim, where I host meetings, along with producing my own music.

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My attitude
I believe in getting to know the couples I work with. We are acquainted even before the music and the wedding preparations begin. This makes the whole experience much warmer, open and enjoyable.

As a DJ, my goal is to tap into your mindset and enable you to express your own personality through the music. I believe this makes a happy experience into a joyful one, for both the couples and the guests.

Together we’ll plan, brainstorm, dream, imagine and make your big day happen, just as you want it to be - a day to remember.

How does it work?
During our meeting I will get to understand which music accompanies your day-to-day life. The songs you absolutely adore and those you’d love to hear at your wedding. We’ll also discuss your guest list and I'll make personal recommendations from my own experience regarding each part of the event.

After we meet, you’ll get an access to "The Cassette" - an abundant wedding stock music. A month prior to the wedding we’ll have an additional meeting to discuss the music we collected thus far. I’ll share my professional opinion and suggest further musical directions.

On your big day we’ll keep an open mind and with my experience with audiences - we’ll make your happiest day come true.

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